Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things baby does not need

Having a baby is overwhelming.  There are tons of things that go through your mind.  One of the many questions is usually, what does the baby need?  Babies do require many things and Im sure you all have gone into a baby store at some point in your life.  These stores have advertisements that tell the expectant mother and family that the baby is going to need all of it.  If you are a first time mom, you usually have no choice to believe it!  It is real exciting to go through the baby store with the scanner and add things to your baby registry.  There are just so many cute, practical and even "what is this for items?"  I hope to not discourage you but rather help you.  Even though everyone is different and every famlilies needs are not the same. I have found that some things are just not necessary.  With my first baby I registered for what I thought was everything I needed and I realized afterwards that I did not actually use alot of the things I thought I needed.  The second time around, I was a little smarter with my registry but I am sure that I still could have done without some other things.  Here are a list of the things I learned that is basically a waste of money: (save on these items and get other things you do need)

Diaper genie
I usually just put the dirty disposable diapers in the garbage. We keep our garbage can underneath the sink and take out the garbage daily so we never even have smells lingering in the house.  If it is a very stinky diaper I put it in a plastic grocery bag and tie it up to put it in the garbage, that contains the smell.
(we also do part time cloth diapering, so it also helps)

Wipe warmers
This is a personal choice.  I did not want my baby getting used to warm wipes because if I needed to use regular wipes on the go I did not want the baby to freak out.  If I think the wipe is too cold I just warm it up with my hands.

Bottle sterilizer
This is an item I thought I was definitely going to need even the second time around. However, I find that boiling everything is easier, faster and takes up less counter pace.  I also think boiling might do a better job.

Changing table
I thought I would just buy the changing mattress only this time and put it on a furniture but I found that I don't ever use it. I use the the changing table that came with the paypen that I have in the living room.  If not, I change him on the couch, bed, or even on the floor.

Expensive bedding
I know, every mom would like to have a beautiful nursery for their baby.  I did thiis mistake twice! lol  Problem with the bumper, it is a breathing hazard and the nice quilt/comforter, it is not used.  If you just get cute fitted sheets and light blankets it is great.  If you feel you need a bumper, there are breathable ones sold.

Sheet Savers This is a good concept, just not necessary.  All I bought was a waterproof matress cover to save the matress but I just change the sheets if my baby gets it dirty. (I actually dont use the crib at all for a few months anyways.)

Diaper Stackers
These cute diaper holders usually come with the nice bedding set.  If you follow my advice for the bedding this is not necessary to buy seperately.  I actually find it annoying.  I like to have my diapers ready and available when I am changing him so I usually have a few stacks by the playpen and by my bed.  I organize them in a small cubby or basket.


Expensive bathtubs
This is another one that I am guilty of.  Sure they are comfortable if you use it in a kitchen sink.  I tried mine in the bathtub and boy was my back hurting.  The problem is that it is not very convenient.  You have to take it out to the kitchen, then after clean and dry it out before putting it away.  And realistically, my babies grow out of it so fast.

These are items that I personally feel I could do without.  I know every mom and baby are different so you have to just see what works for you.  However, if you are on a budget I would definitely forgo these items.

I would love to hear what you all think.  Tell us what your waste of money items were?  Maybe I missed a few and you can help out other moms.

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